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In Memory of Misspent Summers

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. – from, Phrynette Married A Guest Blog by Chuck Stephens Remember summer break? Those two months seemed to stretch out forever with endless possibilities and no obligations. No pressure, no homework, no tests, … Continue reading

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Meet the Makers: Eureka! Factory

To date, we’ve been featuring the Makers who will be at Gulf Coast MakerCon. We thought you might enjoy meeting some of the folks who are making Gulf Coast MakerCon possible, starting with event producers, Eureka! Factory. The Eureka! Factory … Continue reading

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Chuck Stephens: Making as an Economy of Ideas

Chuck Stephens is a local Maker of Art, Instruments, Music and Gadgets, who also works with Eureka! Factory, which produces Gulf Coast MakerCon.  He was one of our featured Makers back in March and is back with a guest post with some thoughtful considerations about … Continue reading

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