How do you cover foam fabric without sewing?

Can you staple fabric to foam?

Lay your ironed fabric flat and place the foam covered board, foam side down, in the center. When your fabric is straight, take one side, wrap it over and pull taut. Staple that side to the board, pulling it taut as you go. … Pay attention to your corners to make sure extra fabric doesn’t bunch up.

Can you staple into cushions?

Stapling the Back of the Cushion

The best way to hold the cushion in place during this process is to wedge the cushion vertically between your body and the edge of the table. The front edge of the cushion should be facing down and the back edge to be stapled should be facing up.

How much fabric do you need to cover camper cushions?

Measuring the right amount of fabric.

After about 15 minutes of using the calculator and consulting with at least one other store representative, we landed on just the right amount of yardage: four yards of fabric per cushion (we had four) should do the top, bottom, sides, piping and zipper.

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