What is the front stitch in crochet?

The Front Loop Single Crochet is a variation of the basic single crochet stitch. It creates a twined ridge along the surface of the fabric if repeated for several rows. This stitch can be used as an independent element of a pattern, or as a pattern in and of itself, as seen in our sample.

What is front and back post in crochet?

The post of a stitch is the bottom of the stitch, so anything below the loops at the top that you typically crochet into. … For front post stitches you insert your hook from front to back to front. For back post stitches, you insert your hook from back to front to back.

What does front loop only mean?

When you learn how to crochet, you are instructed to insert your crochet hook through both loops of a stitch. This is traditional crochet. … This is called “front loop only” (FLO) or “back loop only” (BLO) crochet, depending on which stitch you are working into.

How do you Understitch by hand?

Hand Understitching

  1. Sew the facing to the garment. …
  2. Clip the seam allowances perpendicular to the stitching line. …
  3. For the understitches, use a pickstitch, which is a tiny backstitch. …
  4. To make a pickstitch, stitch right to left (reverse if you’re left-handed). …
  5. Maintain even, dotlike stitches.
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